Therapeutic Massage

MassageTherapeutic Massage
Taking care of our bodies is an important aspect of stress reduction. Therapeutic massage and body treatments give you some much needed relaxation and help to release stress and tension from your body. They can also help to detoxify your body and hydrate your skin, leaving you revitalized and rested. Massages are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions.



Signature Swedish Massage $79
Enjoy a relaxing full body massage using gentle to medium pressure that helps to relieve stress.

Aromatherapy Massage $89
Choose from a collection of therapeutic oils that address your body’s needs.

  • Orange – calming, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation.
  • Eucalyptus and grapefruit – antiseptic, uplifting, refreshing, combats fatigue.
  • Lavender – relaxes, balances emotions, calms the physical
  • Geranium – nourishes the skin, relaxes nervous tension.
  • Rose – elevates the mind, balances  body, mind and spirit.

Lymphatic Massage $79
Assist your body in detoxifying through the stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Acupressure/Deep Tissue Massage $89
A deeper massage that helps to release tension and invigorate circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage $89
The warmth of hot stones is used to melt muscle tension and leave you totally relaxed.

Cranial Unwinding $89
“Cranial Unwinding,” also known as “Craniosacral Therapy,” is a clothed, hands-on therapy where the practitioner uses subtle palpation skills on the client’s skull, spine and cerebrospinal fluid, easing or releasing restrictions in nerve passages. With gentle manipulations, the therapist learns to read the story of the client’s body, finding places where they are holding issues and following the natural restorative directions given by the client’s own physiology. The techniques is known to bring balance and promote healing throughout the whole body.

Myotherapy $89
Deep therapeutic muscle work to help release and rehabilitate the physical body thus restoring balance and assisting the client in changing painful holding patterns.

Foot Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage ½ hour $35 1hour $69
A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body. Benefits are said to include improved circulation – especially in the legs and feet, improved lymphatic drainage, relaxation and stress reduction.

Upgrade your experience by adding in aromatherapy to any massage.



Body Exfoliation/Hydration $69
Begins with dry skin brushing to exfoliate and energize, followed by warm lotion or oil to replenish your skin and hot stones to help hydrate the skin.

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